Myself and Tori took a more serious subject in the form of cyberbulling. We created a fake news story using Storify that highlights a school shooting that was caused by students harassing others using Twitter. We have completed the news story that include tweets from accounts that we have made for each individual. We plan to add more tweets so that it looks like it is a transition from happy senior to angered and hurt individual ready to commit this heinous act of violence.

We have a video that will go along with it. It would almost be a reenactment of the events that lead up to the shooting happening. We have people that will show the main character as he is going through the torment on Twitter and how bad it is at his school being the butt of everyone’s joke. It will also display “pseudo” cell phone footage of the actual shooting. We would love to know how to strengthen our project because right now we just have the news article and the video will be shot Thursday night. We will include the video once it is finished for more feed back.


Coming up on the end of the semester, I do feel that have learn more and I am better able to define what global communication is. Communication on a global scale cannot be simply define by speaking, writing, and reading on the internet, but it is to be literate in all of these and to use it in a way that is beneficial to everyone. When I came into the class, I thought it was just to talk online. I now know that it means to take the skills that people utilize on the computer and then take them a step further and make use of these in a productive manner. To communicate globally is to take the words, thoughts, and knowledge possessed by one person and to distribute it for the entire Earth to look at and understand. I have done this for many years now but finally I know what it truly means.

Reading and speaking English everyday, most people would never think of what and where it came from. Some pronunciations have changed over time and many people do not know where they started or why they have continued on.  The article that we read for today said that many other languages have encroached on the English language and made it what it is now. From the Germanic influences and changes that were caused by the French, English has become the thing that we speak today. The changes to words like “brid” to “bird” is something that many people can see but the creation on many words that we use like “understand” always seemed to puzzle me. The development of certain words do not seem to be from the Old English and something new that was not of the original.

My take on the creation of the langauge has always been a strange one. Like stated in the article, there is no one place in Europe where a person can trace back the origins of the English we speak today. All things we say are not things that were. I know there is not a place that they speak the way we do. The American culture has created a new form of English that is exclusive to us and the internet. There is nothing we can do about it and it will continue to change with the times.

For the final project I will be working with Tori Smith as we create our project centered around cyberbullying and the way that people are using social media as a means to attack other people. The format of the  project is to have someone tormented by his or her peers regarding the tweets and posts that they have made. I want to show the ways that people are pushed to the edge by the people around them judging them. I want to have a video element for the project because this would be the best thing to demonstrate the end results of cyberbullying. I know several people that have been through type of bullying and I would love to add in actual screenshot of a Twitter page with horrible and mean tweets being thrown at the individual. I want to show how bad these things can get and what happens when it does happen. In the section on the assignment called “Questions to get you started” I see one that would fit perfectly. People do create a persona online and some things can be misread and taken in the wrong way. This is the jumping off point for the video parts. I want to use screenshots and pictures to illustrate the way that the person is going through. To be relevant on social media now is the pinnacle of college and high school life and can be turned against anyone looking for that fame. The overall main idea is to show how this idea to bring the world together online has become the new way for people to hurt others.

The prevailing idea among tech savvy people is Internet Explorer (IE) is no longer relevant in this day and age. I seem to agree with these people. Internet Explorer is one of the first web browsers to come onto the scene way back in 1995. But now there are several different web browsers that have made life hard for the people at Microsoft and for their web browser. If I were to ask anyone about Internet Explorer, they would tell me that it is slow, clunky, not reliable, and hard to use. Again I would agree with the wholeheartedly. The leading browsers that many people use are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. These are both much faster browsers with less of the applications and attachments that come along with IE. I hate that the default for my school’s computers are IE and that the system we use is only compatible with this as well. There should be something that can bypass this but I guess that will never happen. Internet Explorer 9 is the newest installment for the browser and I am sure that there is nothing different from the first versions. The commercial looks great but I can see that there will no more people trying to use it now with the addition than before. Feeble attempt to save dying technology.

Memes – Culturally Funny

Posted: March 20, 2012 in Research

The new craze for college students and anyone that wants to laugh are Memes. According to Wikipedia, a meme is “an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture.” This is an old idea that has become a social media phenomenon. Our culture, the generation that is attached to the computer, has reinvented this old term into something more funny than informative. But upon trying to change the word and its meaning, we only have reinforced the meaning in what we laugh at and follow on Facebook. For myself I was never really knowledgeable about memes, I just saw funny pictures with weird faces. Now there is not a day that I will not see one or look for one and share with others. I did not think I would be a part of this sort of revolution but more often than not I do like the ones that are relevant to me. There are several memes that are focused and targeted toward a specific audience. Here are a few websites and pages that are meant for specific audiences with certain characters for each:

  • Forever Alone
  • Rage Memes
  • Memes for any city, university (Winthrop), or place on the globe
  • Memes about people i.e. Chuck Norris, Xzibit, and many celebrirties

The pictures are meant to be funny and to poke fun at things that most people do not think of on a regular basis. They show what is funny to the culture that we live in now. The satirical comedy that can be found in any and all types of meme pictures are meant for the younger generation. These pictures connect people from other places with comedy and some irony. These pictures, though possibly offensive, can show the connects that people have just through jokes and a good laugh. Comedy is something that brings many people together. We might not all speak the same language, but with a good joke, everyone can laugh together. Here are some of my favorites:



Chapter 12 is focused on the ways that advertising and public relations are conducted for the world market. I know that there is much thought that goes into the way that anything is presented to an audience; whether it be a soft drink to a car to a movie to a person. My thoughts are similar to that of the authors of this chapter, Dean Kruckeberg and Marina Vujnovic. They put forth the idea that advertising is global in its tactics and approaches, but, “…it is often tailored to indigenous – rather than global – tastes and perspectives” (275). This is very true of the world and our nation as a whole. The way something is advertised in the South is totally different from that in the West or the North. To take it even further, for the United States, advertising firms have adopted non-racial policies and have began to put out commercials for each race or ethnic group for specific channels. If this is not indigenous advertising, I do not know what is.

On top of trying to create advertising for individual groups, there is also the eternal battle between the past and the present. Traditional values are always at the heart of the advertising argument. What is good for the world may not be good for the individual. Things like sex and deviant behavior are things that some do not want in their commercials. It is a thin line to walk, trying to please both side of the coin.